Thursday, December 18, 2008

Burning Sugar

Technically, this is Wednesdays weirdest thing, but its just so weird its worth going back for.  So on Wednesday me and Olivia got together to do science, or chemistry.  The first experiment we were required to do was to fill a test tube with sugar, and place it over a flame in a holder.  Then we were supposed to leave it there till the WHOLE tube of sugar melted , or rather burned in to a solid black, nasty lump of burnt sugar.  And let me tell you, that's just what it did.  It took about 15 minutes for the whole thing to pop a little un melted sugar our of its top and start burning.  Fact: It smelled like burning marshmallows.  Maybe that's because marshmallows are pure sugar too...

any who, after 48 hours of soaking there is still a test tube in the kitchen with permanently stuck burnt sugar at the bottom.  :) 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Attempting to Recoginze "The Christmas Song"

Although this wasnt really that weird, it was an adventure to finally discover/remember the title of (what we now we know as) "The Christmas Song."  I asked my mom yesterday what the title of the song that starts "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" she could sing most of the song but had no idea what the title was.  This evening I asked my dad, he could sing the entire song from memory, and still NO idea what in the world the title was.  And as soon as we asked faithful Google what it was we came up with "The Christmas Song" and everyone whent "OOHHHHH! YAA!" 

just a snippit of how stupid and pointless most of the time spent sitting around my house is....
like you care....
the two brothers standing behind me are convinced that this is the stupidest thing I could ever dream about posting, but you'll have to live with it because nothing else interesting happened today.  

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spanish Christmas Songs...

Yep, probably the weirdest thing I did today was sit with my spanish teacher for an hour and a half and attempt to sing almost every Christmas song imaginable, in spanish. It was either that or making little cheesecake things that were supposed to have a whole Nilla wafer at the bottom. But the catch was that the mini cup cake tins were too small and the regular sized ones where NO WHERE to be found (when I say no where, I mean disappeared).

~jordan & kitten, the faithful knee warmer this evening

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weirdest Thing I did Today

I figure that because I generally have such a difficult time actually posting that I will cut down my standards a ton and just tell the weirdest thing I did today was. I got this idea yesterday when for probably the hundreth time, I said "This is the weirdest thing Ive done today" So now Im just gonna tell you what that moment was because I have a tendency to identify it anyway.

And today the weirdest thing I did was clean out my closet, actully HANG (this is huge for me, there havent been real clothes in my closet for months) the clothes up, and heres the great part, I hung them in color groups like the rainbow! and thats the weirdest thing I did today.

~ Jordan and the faithful kitten helper who is ever on my lap when I use this computer

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Another Thursday

Some of these following pictures represent me practicing my photography skills. This plant that we were given lifts my spirits every time I see it. Its just so bright and cheerful, and large and healthy, I have so many things to thank God for, especially flowers, pumpkins, and little brothers.

I'm really going to have to learn how to adjust the flash on my camera.
Ben is one if a kind.
Don't ask, because I don't know :)

Our Mae-Belle~ Yes, she is taking a nap in my 17 year old brother's pants that he threw on the floor.


Yes! I finally found my camera cord, so here comes the long awaited post, WITH pictures! My camera got wet, and temporarily would not work, so sorry, I only have a pics of the first day or two.

What we did most of the way there, got people to "Honk for Homeschool" It was great fun :)
One of the other cars in our caravan... laughing at our sighn from above.
Hannah Bears, she looks like a puppy...
WE like to ride with the windows down... dont know if Emmas hair does.
Rachel looking kind of like a dog too.
Me looking tired.
We got a laugh out of these port-a-pottys while we were stuck in traffic, all the time in the car was beginning to make us all a bit slap happy.
We had a fun time wondering why in the world there were random "Bobby's Pottys" along the side of the highway.

A boat on the huge bay. The REALLY big, long bridge.

?!?!?!?!?! Sure Booie (sp?) , I do that all the time! (?????)
Love these, classic Delaware pics.

Emma... also looking a bit tired.
Calvin, definitely not in a approved seat, but having fun.

Cooooorrrrrnnnnnn, or whatever that is...
A neat lighting picture by Rachel.

FINALLY there! On top of the tower.

Rach on the tower.
Gabriel in the sand.

I think this body shape suits him. What about you?

In the ocean at last.

Lil' adorable Olivia Hopkins
The dunes behind our campsite.
And last, a random artistic photo of who-knows-whos hand by again, Rachel.

Monday, October 13, 2008

RUN AWAY!!!! EEK, Ive been tagged.

So Olivia decides to just go on and tag me, TAG me! Okay so I believe that I must now state the rules~

*Link to the person who tagged you
* State the rules
* Write six random things about yourself
* Tag (about) six people by leaving comments on their blogs
* And let the person who tagged you know when you have completed your mission.

Well this is going to be fun.. I could go on for hours about myself.... And it just so happens that I actually have a document on my computer titled "Things that urk me" but there are other facts about myself there as well.

#1. I have NEVER been able to choose a favorite food. I just like them all too much, so I never now how to respond when someone asks me what my favorite food is.

#2. Ive broken my right thumb, and my right wrist, and I almost broke my left thumb.

#3. My greatest fear is sharks, Im absolutley terrified of them.

#4. My hair cant decide weather to be straight, wavy, or curly.

#5. My odd sense of humor has often gotten me into trouble.

#6. My spanish tutor likes my accent!

and there are 6 random things about me...

now I dont really have anyone to tag, because everyone I know has already been tagged! Sorry for breaking the rules, but there really is no one I can tag! How sad is that?

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Latest Addition to the Connor Family

This isnt exactly the way it sounds, the most exciting next addition is comming in April (yep Connor kid #8). This addition happens to be in the form of my mothers birthday present, and the form of a feline. So little Mae-Belle (our new kitten) joined our household last night and is adusting very well. Were all so happy to have her, and we got her free thanks to our good friends the Clarkes!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I just love this

It just sooo Jordan!

yep my last post was the end of August, and its now October! Lets just say that I had a great time at the beach, and that we all got home safely. And I cant find the cord that connects my camera to my computer.. soooo.. no pictures till I find it!

Everything I did between then and now is really not worth mentioning. Im finnally into the routine of school and other activities so Ill probobly be on here more again!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Summing up of the End of August

Weeell as we all know Im kind of bad about posting. But let me just tell you how I ended my august this summer.

The next to the last weekend of August, one of my good friends from way back in childhood, Emma Carter (I went to visit her earlier this summer), came and stayed from Friday through Tuesday. It was a blast to have her here.

The day that we disposed of Emma, we got 3 new arrivials. My aunt, and two younger cousins. It was lots of fun to get to see them for a few days, especially because they live in New York and we only get to see them a few times every year.

That saturday we went to Clarksburg (where my grandmother lives) watched a labor day parade wich two of my somehow relitives marched in. Then we went out to Crystal Lake, a small really fishy lake that I refused to swim in. But my little brothers and my cousins (from above^) had a wonderfull time jumping off the divingboards and sliding down the slide. I have a few neat pics of that.... maybey they can come later.....

My labor day was spent out in my backyard in the really hot weather with my brother Trent. All day we put up, took down, looked through, blew up, deflated, patched, and chose like a 8 tents, and about at least 10 air mattresses. I tell you that was a TON of work, but I enjoyed it. The reason (for those of you who dont know) we were looking through all that stuff is because on Sunday (yeeeeesss! this comming sunday) (which is only in like 2 days) we, and about a billion other (okay 25 other) people are loading up to take a nine hour drive to Lewes, Delaware. We will be camping there for a whole WEEK on the beach, in tents, in the sun, with a bunch of great people, including the Howards (Olivia, Emma, Willa, and Mr. Howard), the Hopkins (a ton of people including Ruby), the Bearss (sp???) whom I have yet to meet, Im looking forward to that, the Clarkes (Rachel and fam.) and Me and my Dad, Trent, Joel, and Cal. I actuall have to go now and do some more stuff to be prepared to leave this Sunday at the amazing hour of 6am.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My New Bathing Suit and A Night With the Howards

Sorry, but I dont have pictures of my new bathingsuit yet, mainly because it was only completed less than 12 hours ago. Anywho, my wonderful friend Olivia made this bathingsuit for me, and it will make more sense when I get pictures.

On another note, I stayed last night with the Howards, and we accomplished wearing our new bathingsuits in the shower to test the wet-abiblities, watched Michael Phelps (Go! Go! GO! Phelps!) win yet another gold metal, me and Emma manged to stay up till 2:08, and last but not least, we tied Olivia up without her having a clue. :D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Weekend With the Clarkes

Bear with me here, I just thought to put these pictures in after I finished the rest of the post, so these should techicly come right after the picture of me in the pokey things, read on to have this make any sense.


Where to start.... Well, lets start with the Breast Feeding Walk. Me and the majority of my family went to the Ohio Valley Mall this past Saturday to support breastfeeding (a particular passion of my mothers) and the Clarkes went too. So I just went home with them Saturday afternoon. Sunday, my family came out to the Clarkes too, and we spent the rest of the afternoon eating and swimming in the pond (we didnt eat in the pond). And of course while I was there, the wonderful Rachel, insisted on a photoshoot at sundown. The following photos are what you get when you hand your camera over to the Clarkes.

^One of Rach's Faves^
^My Favorite far-away one^
^odd moment^

^No Idea why I look depressed, but Rach Loves it^
^Getting the sun to shine through my leg like this made Rachel REALLY happy^

^just too jordan^ :D
The one below was the boys in the boat on sunday

^This one is AMAZING, it has been declared professional, Rachs just too good with that camera sometimes... but let me tell you, those stupid weeds Im in have THORNS on them! My legs were being painfully poked the whole time^

^ My personal fave! no idea how i managed the hair thing...^


^climbing over the fence to our death^