Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Day With the Clarkes

A week ago today, Wednesday that is, my older brother Sam, my mom and Tessa all went to go look at a college. So, Trent, Ben, Ti and I got shipped of to the Clarkes for the day. Naturally, Rach and I took pictures, lots of them, I still don't have a bunch of them on the computer yet. We had a really great day in the cold-wet-rainy-ness.

In the goat shed... It smelled like goat poo. Aint she perty?
"WAIT! Stay right there." Feet were up because there was a whole stinking foot of water in the bottom of the boat. :P

"What do you want to do Jordan? We could go for a row in the boat!"

She said "Take a picture of me posing by this!" me "oo, you look drugged!" her "yeah, I do.."

So! then I totally climbed up on top of this *wet* dump truck!

Yeah.. My pants were wet after this, keep in mind that it was kind of raining...

lil' bff <3