Thursday, June 11, 2009

In My World...

"The guest book in my world is rather full" ~ Me to my mom a few minutes ago. So tonight I realized that we all kind of have our "Own Little Worlds" where we are the center of the universe and where everything has something to do with us. My dad made the comment that my mother was tired from a long day of cooking and that maybe I should try connecting to her in "her world" instead of dragging her into mine, as I usually do. So for about 30 seconds I attempted visiting someone else's world, without a pressing need to enter their world. Yeah, I failed. I found my mothers "world" to be a much less exciting place than I imagine my own world to be. Needless to say, I soon left my mothers "world" and headed straight back to mine. Then I remembered that I was still lonely in my world and that I wanted some company, so I again tried the standard, fall back procedure, ramble on aimlessly at my mother.

At this point, I kind of realized how often I force people to visit "my world" rather than visiting them in theirs (i.e. having them talk about their lives, what they were doing, their problems, their excitements etc.) I often drag them into my world. Weather these victims are willing or not, I don't know. I guess it has something to do with personality, some people don't like visitors in their "worlds" and some people just loving visiting other peoples "worlds" so much that they never have time for visitors. And then, there are the people like me who are constantly handing out invitations to visit our "worlds" whenever anyone would like. And dragging people in when we find our worlds too empty (just ask my mom how fun it is to have frequent flier miles in "Jordan Land").

Those of you who know me, I'm sure that you've realized this all already, but, hey!, you learn new things every day, so today I'm wondering.... Do I really visit the "worlds" of other people often enough or am I too busy entertaining people in my own "world"? Who knows...

So enough about how we all have our "Own Little Worlds" I don't care if I drag people into mine too much, and if you don't like being in mine, I suggest you stop reading now! Because I now would like someone to listen to the goings ons in "Jordan Land."

Tonight, when it was dark, mind you, I had to drive up the big hill and past Park High School, in the dark. Driving in the dark isn't that bad, but, as I learned tonight, driving in the dark with fog is bad. Nothing went wrong, everything is fine, it was just an interesting experience, being on top of a crumbling country road, in heavy fog, in the dark, not really knowing where I was going. Oh, and I managed to eat during all of this. Oooo.. having my license is going to be fun! In addition to all of this I also learned how to "De-fog" the windshield. A trying process, seeing as Dad never showed me how, and yet expected me to know.

As some of you know, I'm in the process of moving my bedroom from the second floor to the attic, switching rooms with my older brother. The switch originated when Sam had his knee surgery two weeks ago and needed a room with less stairs to climb. I let him have my nice, big bed for a while, and during this time I learned just how uncomfortable a bed with no box spring and no board, just a mattress suspended in the air by 5 skinny boards, can be. To fix this problem, tonight I decided that I needed my nice bed back and I began the process of moving my bed up and his bed down. First, we (Joel, my dad and I) attempted to get the box spring up our crazy-small-awkward attic stairs, and failed. (I'm gonna have to move a book case to make this work.)

After giving up on the box spring, we moved on to the mattress, and let me tell you, I have a very heavy mattress, just ask me, I was on the bottom. With much grunting, pushing, shoving, and squirming we were able to get the mattress into the desired room. When we had fixed the broken bed frame with many a new screws (some how this things had fallen apart, literally) Dad finally thinks to tell me that the bed frame wont really work without the box spring... which isn't up here... and which isn't going to be up here for a while. And that is why I will be sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the middle of a bed frame tonight.

My droopy eyes are reminding me of the wonderfully soft-Jordanish mattress that sits waiting for me.... up in the hole. :-D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Driver!

There's a new driver in the house! And.. no.. its not me :-D. This morning Ty and I took "Joe the Jet Jeep" out for a spin, Ty's first official time in the drivers seat. I had an interesting time explaining "reverse" and "turn left" and "turn right." But it made for some good laughs on my part! The funniest thing would have to be that Ty calls "Joe", "The Jet Beep" not the "Jet JEEP!" Cramming myself into a space created for a four year old also proved interesting, requiring me to pull my knees up to my chest and lean over Ty... He didn't seem to mind. He managed the "gas" pedal and I steered some of the time, going up and down our alley, and all around the Knights Of Columbus parking lot. Ty also has an annoying habit of stopping suddenly about 20 feet away form something (weather it be a parked car or grass or a bush) and exclaiming "We can't hit the truck!" I have no idea how many times I assured him that we would NOT hit the truck and that I wouldn't let him. And that's how I spent this morning.... teaching a two year old to drive a Power Wheels vehicle. :-D

Te (prounounced Tey)

Just a lil update on lil Tessa!
Te on memorial day
Her baby shower!
Wearing her Salsa Dancer skirt

Smiling in her sleep

Napping on the couch with Mae-Belle

Isn't she the cutest??????? She makes a great baby sister.