Monday, April 21, 2008

Swim Suit Season!

Lets just say that I need opinions. So my lovely friend Rachel Clarke emails me this site, and I just fell in love with these swim suits! And, being the technology impaired person that I am, I cant figure out how to get the pictures from there on to here, so you get to go look at it!

the link is...

click on the swim suit thing, then "design your perfect suit"

and set it to the Ocean blue polkadot candy, on all the pieces. This is the one that I like but my mother thinks its weird. Do you all think its odd?? I think its cute!

then the one my mom likes and is okay is the same style and its the Coco Dot Me Pink
Let me know which one you think would look better!

Thank you all you people who put up with my nonsense!