Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Boat Load of ICK

Thanks for the comments! More ramblings and seriousness and myself it is then! I can do that :-). Because of my awful injury, my world has constricted and has been forced to become more self focused. Bear with me as I talk about me, because I can barely leave this couch to tell you what the rest of my family is doing!

Update on the injury... I feel like a pile of goat poo. Not good 'tall. The narcotics mess me up and make me cry, make my stomach hurt, and make me do all sorts of goofy things. This morning my father and I traveled up to Pittsburgh to see a foot specialist. I had more x-rays taken of my foot to assure that no toes were broken or anything (they weren't) and (sadly) I won't be getting a regular cast, sorry to those of you who would have loved to sign it (cough, kenna...). The BIG news :-( (everybody BOO) The very experienced doctor sayeth that... I broke a very important, very hard to heal, very problematic, very unusual, very risk filled bone in my poor little ankle. My talus (that's the bone I broke) got broken into two pieces, and will require surgery to fix. (Boo here.) I limped out of the office on my crutches (which are going to be my best friends for at least a few months) very down trodden and with tears in my eyes (oh, wait, I still have tears in my eyes!) My loving father proceeded to let me have a semi-enjoyable afternoon, dimmed only by my impending surgery, by letting me choose Panera Bread for lunch (yum) and letting me hop around Barnes and Noble book store before being confined to my couch and only my couch for a week or two.

Sooo, Thursday morning (time yet unknown) my father and I will go to the Surgery Center in Wexford, PA. Where, the doctors will proceed to place an IV (ICK/OWWWWW) send me to the land of dreams, put a block from my knee down (aka, numb it from my knee down for 20 hr!), then make an incision down the front of my ankle, align the two unaligned pieces of my talus and put them back together with two permanent screws.

THEN I wake up, still very drugged, and I get sent home with a bone growth stimulator (usually a last resort). At that point I will suffer on the couch for a few days. Hopefully at that point, the bone will heal and not die (there's a 50-50 chance that it will die, that would be BAD) and I'll take quite a while to recover.

I think that about covers it, oh, and my foot looks like a dolphin flipper. This thing is going to need some SERIOUS bedazzling!