Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Litte Spudnick

Aint he cute?

Adoreable just too adoreable....

The little Spudnick (aka, Ty, Da Cuteness, Scribbles... etc...) has found his way onto my camera quite a few times. When trying to think of something to post about this time, I found many pictures of Ty, so here they are! Bits and peices of the joy that he brings to my home daily!

Scribbles tasting something delicious (I handed it to him but I honestly dont remember what it was!)

Look closely at the green peggy-thingy on the left, it reminds me of Hans Solo when he gets put in the thingy in Starwars.

A little scholar (ok, not really, more like a toddler who likes to pull books off the shelves!)
Talking on the "phone" (the "phone" is actually part of the sink of a play kitchen...)