Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Dream About a Ring

Last night I had a dream (thats a surprise! not) and the funny thing is that my unconscious self, was reminding me of something. So, I only really have one ring, it was my grandmothers, and my mom thinks it was one of her engagement rings. Funny thing is, that it fits me perfectly. Im usually very careful about where the ring is, any who, the dream went something like this~

For some reason I was sleeping on someones floor in a sleeping bag, I had a whole suitcase of stuff with me, but for some reason my ring was under my pillow. I guess I was up doing something else, when I decided to check on the ring. I looked under the pillow and the ring wasnt there! Well, actually it was, it had just been completely dismantled, all the parts were scattered on the floor under the pillow. I became all hysterical, appropriately so, and I dreaded telling my mom what had happened, although I have no idea how it had happened. So I showed it to my other grandmother, but she wasnt anything like my grandmother in real life. And she goes and smacks all the pieces of the ring out of my hand! Then they get lost under a piece of furniture, and I cant find the one big diamond thats still missing. And my grandmother keeps telling me to just forget about it. And all through this Im in tears...

Well, lets just say I now cant find my ring.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Remember Mama

A quick note to say that one of the reasons that I have been lax in keeping up with my blogging is that, in short, I am in the play 'I Remember Mama.' Needless to say to all of you who know what being involved in a play is like, every evening is devoted to becoming Christine, putting on airs, and cracking up every time my "older brother" uses the term "Gee!" (believe me, it sounds extremely silly, and hilarious, when interjected in random parts of the script.) We are a week from our first performance, and well, thats where Ill be spending most of my time in case you were wondering!


After the agony of waiting about two weeks for my embossed birth certificate to get here, the time finally arose for me to take my driving permit test. I could have taken it like a whole month ago, but due to some negligence on a few peoples parts, I couldnt. So today, I finally went to get my permit, and I was convinced that something would go wrong. Wonderfully, nothing did! So I am now a student driver, who somehow managed to get by the skin of my teeth, and the great thing is that I dont even have skin on my teeth! I would take a picture, but that would be useless, seeing as it wont make it on to the computer at 11:33 at night. I am also glad to say that the picture of me isnt horrid, but its not wonderful. Im not looking directly at the camera, but what the hey! I look like Im glowing!