Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ty + A Lazer pointer

Needles to say, for some reason Ty didnt like the lazer pointer this morning. And to account for all the odd behavior, lets just say I wasnt awake yet. :D

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Swim Suit!!!

My swim suit finally came in the mail today!
Ive been waiting for it since like Febuary or March! The great part is that i LOVE it! Its got an awesome fabric, lovely colors, and its just wonderful. I had quite a time taking pictures of it.....

and unfortunately it makes me look a bit weird in theses pictures...

the lovely skirt....
I just adore this little thingy!
Without the skirt, one thing i really like is the way you can adjust the top and the bottoms just by pulling strings.

Oh, and the back makes an "X" i just couldnt quite get a picture of that on me. :D

Geraniums, Some other flowers, and a Broken Mirrior

This weekend while my grandmother was up and around these parts she helped us get flowers for the pots on out front porch. While flower shopping, my eye caught this geranium and the other plant. I just love the color of these flowers!

So now, I have this large pot of geraniums and a small pot of other flowers in my room with me, reminding me constantly of Gods blessings of beautiful things.

Now youre probably wondering about the broken mirror. Nothing really happened, I guess the little gust of wind from closing my closet just sent it over the edge, literally. Odd thing is, its the second mirror I have broken/assisted in breaking so far this year.... Im extremely glad Im not superstitious, considering my talent for breaking mirrors, and the fact that my birthday falls on Friday the 13th next month :D
Im thinking about making some kind of artwork out of this.....