Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Dissection of a Frog

Again sorry, no pictures, not that you would want to see my crying my eyes out, and the guts of a killed, preserved, and disgusting pre-killed frog. Well lets see, Monday was the smart center, and the project was dissecting frogs :D (haa not funny AT ALL!), and because Im doing biology in science this year, I was forced to go. I was okay for a few minutes, but started sweating profusely, when the lady running things said "I'm going to had out the things now." I about had a conniption. So first we (me and 2 other girls at my table) get this tray, with the instruments of torture (they tortured me, I dont think the frog minded much). Then came the fun part... The lady grabs this hand full of completely stiff, disgusting, frogs, and comes around dropping one on each tray. Im telling you that dumb frog made me cry. And Im not kidding, it was the NASTIEST thing I have seen in a very long time. The skinning was easily the worst part. Although I was a safe 6 feet away, cutting the green skin off that thing was bad enough just to watch. I soon found out though, that a frog without its skin, doesnt look much like a frog at all. Once my lovely assistants had the frog peeled, pinned back, and had started poking around, it started to look less disguising, and more interesting to me. To I started pointing at things with my pencil (up till this point I had been taking detailed notes, to make up for not touching anything) and was having quite a time finding its liver, kidneys (which I dont think we ever really found), stomach, bladder and so on and so forth. Eventually I got one hand in on the action, and was cutting, pulling, and ripping that poor girl to shreds! The lovely part was when someone (not mentioning any names :) ) managed to squirt something from the inside of the frog in to someone elses MOUTH! Thankfully it wasnt me :D. At the end we dug out its eye lenses, and I brought one home to keep forever and ever as a reminder of the 2nd major time an animal a TON smaller than me made me cry.