Friday, May 2, 2008

My Sleep Position

This may be weird, but one of the things that has always interested my immensely, is well, sleep. I found this test online, and well the weirdly awesome things is that it asked my nothing about how I sleep but it still told me my sleep position!

I am a seatbelt!

Yes, I know there are two people here, but the man in the picture is how I sleep!

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Mission

Olivias father....

SaraH looking a little too pleased over something...

Sorry, I have more pictures and stuff to post about, but, once again, I have failed to locate my cord that gets the pictures off of my camera and on to my computer! So here... are the pictures that Olivia took when a bunch of highschoolers from our home school group went to her dads work to try out a new "mission". And for clarification, this "mission" was to sit at our computers and diagnose "patients" and to choose a treatment for sick the "sick" and "injured" fake patients.
I would post more pictures, but I must get to bed and they take FOREVER to load!