Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Weekend With the Clarkes

Bear with me here, I just thought to put these pictures in after I finished the rest of the post, so these should techicly come right after the picture of me in the pokey things, read on to have this make any sense.


Where to start.... Well, lets start with the Breast Feeding Walk. Me and the majority of my family went to the Ohio Valley Mall this past Saturday to support breastfeeding (a particular passion of my mothers) and the Clarkes went too. So I just went home with them Saturday afternoon. Sunday, my family came out to the Clarkes too, and we spent the rest of the afternoon eating and swimming in the pond (we didnt eat in the pond). And of course while I was there, the wonderful Rachel, insisted on a photoshoot at sundown. The following photos are what you get when you hand your camera over to the Clarkes.

^One of Rach's Faves^
^My Favorite far-away one^
^odd moment^

^No Idea why I look depressed, but Rach Loves it^
^Getting the sun to shine through my leg like this made Rachel REALLY happy^

^just too jordan^ :D
The one below was the boys in the boat on sunday

^This one is AMAZING, it has been declared professional, Rachs just too good with that camera sometimes... but let me tell you, those stupid weeds Im in have THORNS on them! My legs were being painfully poked the whole time^

^ My personal fave! no idea how i managed the hair thing...^


^climbing over the fence to our death^

Getting Caught Up With My Goings Ons

Since I last posted, I have found my ring, Ruby and Rachel came and spent saturday and some of sunday with me. It was loads of fun. And I really cant remember anthing else news worthy besides that. OH! Emma Howards birthday-tea party-creek romp. Lets just say we had tea, and we were all dressed up for that, THEN, we put on our rattiest clothes, and got covered in smelly water and mud. But oh, was it fun.