Saturday, March 8, 2008

State Swimming

Skipping back again. A few weeks ago my older brother Sam made it to State Swimming (aka, where all the best swimmers in WV go). He got 20th place (burn...) in his shorter race but, in his 500 (which takes like 6 minutes to swim, its really rather long) he only got 12th out of 12. Which (amazingly) is still good enough to considered really pretty good.

The reason Im posting about this is because of the lovely time me and Trent had with our curly fries on the way to go see Sam in his big races.

Sam and Ty at Kalahari waterpark recently.

Me and Trent with our curly fries!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Photo Shoot

Here are the promised pictures from our little "photo shoot"!

" Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!"

LOVE Ty's face!!!!!


Ok, were skipping back to about a month ago when me, my dad, Trent, and Joel went skiing to Hidden Valley PA. It was an awesome time, the snow wasnt ideal, but good enough for us!

This is a picture I took driving there through the lense of my new polarized sunglasses!
Isnt it cool?
Me looking really bad and this tuscan raider looking thing, Im still not sure what it was but i got my picture taken with it anyway.
The boys on the lift car behind me.

Everyone tuckered out at Burger King for a 8:30 dinner.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!!!!!!!!!

Aint he cooperative?

(Ive always loved this picture...)

Today is my little brother Ben's 4th!!! birthday. unfortunately there will be no pictures because I left my camera at the Howards! Any way, we are saving his cake for tomorrow, because he was tired and wanted to go to bed and we were waiting for the whole family to get back. He as been adorable as always and has assured every one of us that he is "not this many" (holds up 5 fingers) because he is "this many" (holds up four fingers). He is also reminding us how big he is getting, ohhh the years do fly, although he is a scrawny one, its all too true that another page in his currently short life has turned *sighs* I feel really old at the moment, knowing that my fourth birthday has long come and gone. A happy birthday to my Benjamin Bunny! (he dispises being called any 'cutsie' names, and always corrects me and my dad by telling us that hes "Not luvy lamb, hes BEN" or "Im not a bunny, Im a BEN"