Friday, May 16, 2008

My Bad

Sorry for my neglect to constantly update this blog like any one care what I put on here. Truth is, I'm swamped in school work trying to finally get done so I can have summer. Not to mention, its an extremely annoying process to get pictures off of my camera and on to my computer. here's an update,

yesterday me and my dad spent most of the day laying new flooring in our foyer and hallway, all the while struggling with the most NOT-square house in the universe.

a day or two ago we found a wood tick in the bathroom (NO idea how it got there, dog maybe?) so me and Trent, with a gaggle of little brothers following, went outsider burnt the ticks head, and jumped when the ticks head exploded with a surprisingly loud noise. we then proceeded to flush it down the toilet just to be safe, that is after we crushed it.

oh yes, my mom went to Lowes and got just one more step closer to picking out our dream cabinets yet she still asks me 5 times a day which color, or type, or layout, or whatever. remodeling is hard even when you have nothing to do with it.

thats bout all, and yes, i realize that i didnt bother to use much capitlazation or punctuation, or grammar for that matter.