Friday, July 4, 2008

Lots To Catch Up On

My apologies for not keeping up to date with this blog. But as I have noticed recently, summer is the only time of the year when I have stuff to do and places to go, and hence don't have hours to place myself at my computer. Seeing as I haven't posted for about a month, I thought I would catch all of you people up on my current status in life.

  1. Second week of June, I went away for a week of camp, out at Camp Presmont on Lake Peidmont in Ohio. It was a blast! It was a week of fun with Christian friends focusing on God, and not to mention a few unmentionables :D ! We did everything from, sitting and talking and breaking out in random song (a more common occurrence than you might think) to running around in the woods playing capture the flag with watermelons, and vanishing ink. Maybe some pictures later.
  2. Here's the best part, on the last day of camp, (June 13th) I turned 15! I was really sick of the happy birthday song by the time I got home that evening.
  3. The following Wednesday, I went to our local DMV to get my drivers permit. And what other than, the wonderful surprise that someone had forgotten to put a date on a dumb paper, AND my one and only birth certificate in my families possession, was not certified. Both of those were reasons why I wont be getting my permit for a few weeks (until my new birth certificate gets here).
  4. Then there was, a weekend when my mom and my dad just left us with one of my moms good friends, boy was that interesting.
  5. Our church has had an annual soccer camp every year for the last 4 years. So from the 22 to the 25 our lives revolved around that in the evenings, seeing as my mom, my dad, me and my little brother Trent were all on staff, and Joel, Cal were attending. That was allot of fun, getting to walk around in an bright orange shirt, and have children address you as "Miss" and "Mam."
  6. On the 27th I took off to visit friends in Pittsburgh for an extended weekend. While there, we did everything from, dancing in the rain, shaving on the trampoline in the rain (maybe pictures later!) , slip'in sliding in the rain, while covered in soap. Lets just say there was plenty of rain. We watched movies, and we went to the Big Butler Fair. That was loads of fun, although we did most of that in the rain too :D. While there I ate just about every unhealthy thing you can imagine, ice cream, funnel cakes, fudge, lemonade, cheesy fries, corn dogs, kettle corn, and cotton candy. None of us were feeling extremely well on the ride home. Oh, and we got to watch a big demolition derby at the fair, with old school buses. That was exciting, there was adrenaline everywhere! Believe me, watching buses purposely smash each other is pretty rousing.
  7. On to last night. Last night we had our newly found friends, the Hopkins family, over to dinner. Last night, quite a few people between the two families got to meet for the very first time, and amazingly, every one hit off right away! We even figured out that a four year old Mr. Hopkins was present at my Great Uncles funeral, where one of the Hopkins relatives was a Presbyterian minister, and was speaking at the funeral! I think I got all that right.... extremely amazing if you ask me....
  8. Then there's always today, the Fourth of July, and we have absolutely no plans that I know of. Its wet outside, and I didn't get out of bed till 10:23, what fun.
  9. Ohhh, yes, my play. I got a part in the play "I Remember Mama" with our local theatre. So I have been at practices for that most nights since mid-June. Were putting it on sometime in mid-July, cant remember the exact dates thought.... My parts name is Christine, I'm playing a stubborn, 13 year old girl, with 3 siblings, and my family is Norwegian. Need I say more?

And there, now you're mainly up to date!