Saturday, March 14, 2009

Looking Back

I realize that these following pictures are very low quality, they were taken with a phone :)

When I was looking at the very few pictures on this computer, I stumbled across these and reminded me of, well, of when they were taken! Ti was just a cute little bug, Ben's hair was still really curly and really blond. My hair was shorter, I was younger. :P I feel kind of old! And now (about April 20th, to be exact) I get to start all over again with the little baby, short hair, and feeling younger than some. So here's to going around again, spring is such a weird time.

Ti and Ben, YOUNG Ti and Ben
Awww, when Ti would suck his thumb... doesn't do that anymore
My chin and my baby :) Yes, he is my baby. Don't know what I'm gonna do when he has to move over and make way for this new baby.
I do wonder what Ti is going to think about being an older brother, I have tried to communicate to him that there will be a little baby soon, but at his young 2years of age, he has no idea what in the world I'm talking about! Its funny how with each new brother, the now second youngest gets hastily displaced from my lap as "my baby" and the new one moves in. In a way all my little bros are my babies (yes I am a mother to5 going on 6 at the age of 15) but they all grow so quickly that one minute they're my baby and the nextt they're the five year old who's in my room and bugging me to death.

Trent was my baby, although I was only four when he came along. When we were little I would dress Trent up in my "milk maid" dress and we would play for hours on end. Trent was an extremely good sport when it came to my definition of fun and games. We played dress up and dolls and tea-party galore. Trent is by far my baby, or I guess he is and has always been more of my buddy. Although all of his recent pubescent 12yo boy stuff isn't doing much for our relationship at the moment.

Joel is... is.... is... well, lets just say that our personalities are rather incompatible. I love Joel because he's my brother and hes (generally) a good kid. I don't really remember that much about when he was little... But I love him and he was one of my babies. oh, and its really funny to get him into a pointless argument, he just cant quit!

Cal is awesome, now, that is. When he was my baby, and got toted around on my hip, he was a wretch. I was really skinny, then :P, and he was a big kid. He was bad when he was a toddler because his solution to everything was SCREAM. Now, when he's 6 going on 7, he is almost my fave little brother. I think that Cal and I are probably the most compatible out of all of me and all my brothers. We are both artistic, we are also the only two who will slapjack against eachother anymore. We both beat everyone else :) Actually, Cal is the one I get mad at the least. Im kind of sad to say that I get upset with my brothers at all, but its true. Cal just brought me home a squishy dinosaur pen, he is extreamly thoughtful. :D

Ben is a good little 5 year old. He was my baby too, I remember standing in Cabellas holding his hand, we were buying fudge :). I was always buddies with the baby at the time, and extreemly blonde-curly-Benjaming was no exception. This one particular day in Cabellas was awesome becasue, I would come up to the counter with Ben (you would not believe his hair!) and I asked him what kind of fudge he wanted. As soon as that lady behind the counter saw his hair, she was immediately, offering TONS of fudge samples to the "little boy with the adoreable hair" and his big sister! yeah, Ben rocks, to this day I call Ben "The Blonde Curly One" and Joel as "The Blonde One." Bens personality is classified as an Eyore (sp?) he lives in a pitty party, we get along pretty well, and I miss having him as my baby.

Ti, now Ti is MY baby. I think he is even more my baby than his older brothers because I was older when he was born. He's only two now, so I dont have a great look into his personality yet, but I guess you could say that we are literally attatched at the hip :)

And finally this unknown child who I get to meet sometime next month. I want to name it Mitchell if its a boy... which it will proboably be :D I like being sole princess. Although, I wouldn't mind sharing my title with another... I wish

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rhetorical Questions

I enjoy rhetorical questions... Especially the really rhetorical questions, like this one Joel just used on my mom.

"Have YOU ever starved to death?!?!?!?!"

Just think about that for a second, have you ever starved to death?

Wouldn't This Be Nice?

This is seriously going on my bucket list.  How much fun would this be?!?!?!?  Once again, I'm wishing it was warm enough to do this.  And that I had a trampoline and a bunch of friends who are silly enough to do this with me!  Sleeping on a trampoline all night *sigh* that would be pretty stinking awesome.  So anyone who wants to do this with me say "I"!