Friday, September 5, 2008

The Summing up of the End of August

Weeell as we all know Im kind of bad about posting. But let me just tell you how I ended my august this summer.

The next to the last weekend of August, one of my good friends from way back in childhood, Emma Carter (I went to visit her earlier this summer), came and stayed from Friday through Tuesday. It was a blast to have her here.

The day that we disposed of Emma, we got 3 new arrivials. My aunt, and two younger cousins. It was lots of fun to get to see them for a few days, especially because they live in New York and we only get to see them a few times every year.

That saturday we went to Clarksburg (where my grandmother lives) watched a labor day parade wich two of my somehow relitives marched in. Then we went out to Crystal Lake, a small really fishy lake that I refused to swim in. But my little brothers and my cousins (from above^) had a wonderfull time jumping off the divingboards and sliding down the slide. I have a few neat pics of that.... maybey they can come later.....

My labor day was spent out in my backyard in the really hot weather with my brother Trent. All day we put up, took down, looked through, blew up, deflated, patched, and chose like a 8 tents, and about at least 10 air mattresses. I tell you that was a TON of work, but I enjoyed it. The reason (for those of you who dont know) we were looking through all that stuff is because on Sunday (yeeeeesss! this comming sunday) (which is only in like 2 days) we, and about a billion other (okay 25 other) people are loading up to take a nine hour drive to Lewes, Delaware. We will be camping there for a whole WEEK on the beach, in tents, in the sun, with a bunch of great people, including the Howards (Olivia, Emma, Willa, and Mr. Howard), the Hopkins (a ton of people including Ruby), the Bearss (sp???) whom I have yet to meet, Im looking forward to that, the Clarkes (Rachel and fam.) and Me and my Dad, Trent, Joel, and Cal. I actuall have to go now and do some more stuff to be prepared to leave this Sunday at the amazing hour of 6am.