Friday, April 18, 2008

A Post

I feel as if I should post something, but I have nothing to post about... What a frustration. So here's a post, and its probably the most boring post you are ever going to read.

Here's an update on my all too exciting life~
  • Last night I planted grass in four little decorative pots, for entertainment purposes only
  • I cant wait to see the new Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, when it comes out on May 16th
  • Biology is confusing
  • Algebra is pointless
  • I dont care what happend in the olden days
  • I dont want to sit at home all day today, but I have to anyway
  • I have a crused toe, and a brusied shin from playing soccer with Trent in the back yard
  • Double coats of nail polish are easier to pick off than single coats
  • I really should do some work on my 14 paragraph esssay
  • Im sick of school
  • My room REALLY needs cleaned
  • The chair Im sitting of from Amish Country has a seat that keeps falling off, so when you try to sit on it, it slides and you fall through a hole
  • The phone is ringing
  • Paper routes pay well
  • The phone is no longer ringing because I got up and answered it

And I should really go do some work now!

Have a perfectly LOVELY day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Look @ this creepily awesome face I figured out how to make!

This is just to comfort you that my face will not be stuck that way.

When Youre Handed Wilted Dandylions

A boy brought flowers last night! Ok, fine my 4 year old brother Ben brought me a handful of dying dandylion weeds. But it was all done with the most loving motive, so dead dandylions are fine! I love Ben, even when Im handed wilted dandylions.