Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh, to be Asleep

Update! These wonderful drugs I have been on did a great job at keeping me comfortable for the past few days. But, in addition to controlling the pain they also made me v e r y s l e e e e e p y *yawn* My weekend followed a pattern, sleep, take pills, sleep, take pills, drink something, sleep, take pills, be forced to eat, drink something, sleep and it goes on and on. Not a lot to report. The surgery went well and it turned out that I had 3 fractures not just the original two, so now I have 3 embedded screws that will forever be a part of me. I also have a bone growth stimulator that I have to wear for 10 hours a day. Its annoying to tote around because its got a long cord etc, etc.

On the bright side, I'm now only taking one Vicodin as opposed to my 2 and 1.5 the past few days. Oh, and I can move on my crutches by myself again, its not excruciatingly painful to stand up. I'm better, not great. But better :-) Thanks for the prayer and concern. Ill find something more interesting to post about soon.