Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rainbow Hands

Today's (3-18-10) thing made Kenna and I very happy. Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the best, that was definitely the case today. Our extreme act of the day was to paint our fingernails a rainbow of colors, and boy, are they cute! I smile every time I see them! Girls, I strongly encourage doing this :-) The day was also made sweeter when we got to spend time laughing with friends and enjoying spring.

My dad and I were just contemplating the logic behind this rhyme:

Black sheep, Black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
three bags full.
One for my master,
one for my dame,
one for the little boy who lives down the lane.

And you know the rest...
What we want to know is, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A LITTLE BOY GOING TO DO WITH A BAG OF WOOL???????????? I live with little boys, and I know for a fact that giving them a bag of wool would not turn out well... any thoughts?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paper Cranes and Politics

They're staring at me now, all 12+ of my paper cranes. Fascinating little things they are, I'm glad that I learned how to create them. That was Mondays (3-15-10) "thing." You should really learn how to fold paper cranes (the bird, not the giant construction machines) it's very satisfying, both McKenna and I really enjoyed this simple undertaking!

And today, er, whoops, it's 12:08 am which means, yesterday, was a political day. I went with my father to a 2 hour long forum of cantidates for the congressional seat. It was an interesting experience (okay, it was a bit boring), and I'm glad I went because now these kind of things seem more multi-dimensional to me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Something New

Out of sheer boredom and because we were sick of the hopeless monotony of our lives, McKenna and I decided to change something. A week ago we began, rather hopefully, our quest to make our lives less dull. We (er, I) decided that we should do something new or out of the ordinary everyday, and so I began dragging a willing McKenna along and the first day we wore something fancier than we would usually wear. It went well, we both thought it was interesting to be wearing dresses and skirts on days when we would usually be in our PJ's until noon. Overall a winner.

Tuesday, the 9th of March, we wrote a letter to whomever we wished ;-) Not really that crazy, but we just never make time for it.

Wednesday, was baking day. Oh boy, that was interesting on my end. I went to go bake bread, and we had no yeast. You need yeast to make rising bread. So I had a whole adventure involving yeast and a flopped first batch, and then dough that didn't seem to rise enough (no, I had yeast at this point, I don't think that was the problem :-). And Kenna turned out some really tasty banana bread. Oh, and I had some edible bread at the end too.

Thursday, we drew hands. Yep, sketched hands, you could tell mine was a hand (yeah me!) and I didn't get to see McKennas.....

Friday, we decided to be helpful and clean something that need 'special attention' to clean. I chose the refrigerator and my mom was pleasantly surprised. McKenna cleaned off the tops of some needy bookshelves.

Saturday both of us were busy and neither of us were really thinking about our "thing" of the day, so that evening we spent about 15.8 seconds and did some extraneous stretching while sitting in our computer chairs.

And today, Sunday, I visited and we threw some of McKennas stuff away, and took a career test, which I believe was a fascinatingly not-normal day.

That's the update on this "thing." Now we need a name for our "New thing of the day" thingy, comment with ideas of what we should call it!

On a side note, Olivia festively painted all of her toenails 5 different colors, in the joyful spirit of this "thing"! Brownie points to Livvy!

Updates on origami coming soon...

p.s. to those of you who are reading this on Google Reader, go to the site and look at my pretty new background!