Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spanish Christmas Songs...

Yep, probably the weirdest thing I did today was sit with my spanish teacher for an hour and a half and attempt to sing almost every Christmas song imaginable, in spanish. It was either that or making little cheesecake things that were supposed to have a whole Nilla wafer at the bottom. But the catch was that the mini cup cake tins were too small and the regular sized ones where NO WHERE to be found (when I say no where, I mean disappeared).

~jordan & kitten, the faithful knee warmer this evening

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weirdest Thing I did Today

I figure that because I generally have such a difficult time actually posting that I will cut down my standards a ton and just tell the weirdest thing I did today was. I got this idea yesterday when for probably the hundreth time, I said "This is the weirdest thing Ive done today" So now Im just gonna tell you what that moment was because I have a tendency to identify it anyway.

And today the weirdest thing I did was clean out my closet, actully HANG (this is huge for me, there havent been real clothes in my closet for months) the clothes up, and heres the great part, I hung them in color groups like the rainbow! and thats the weirdest thing I did today.

~ Jordan and the faithful kitten helper who is ever on my lap when I use this computer